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About 800 Zero Debt

What qualifies me for the 800 Zero Debt Program?

If you have 7,500.00 dollars or more in unsecured debts (i.e. Credit Cards, Medical Bills etc) and can afford to make a minimum payment on a monthly basis or finding it hard to pay your current minimum payments or just tired of paying good money after bad debt you qualify. You can receive a free consultation by calling us today at 1-800-Zero-Debt.

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How do my creditors find out what is happening?

An Attorney will act as your liaison to the creditors and will contact them when it is in your best interest. While enrolled in the 800 Zero Debt program we represent you and will fight for the best settlement available to save you as much money as possible.

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Can’t I negotiate on my own?

Yes, you can however while battling this on your own you may encounter road blocks that may discourage you.  We offer all of the service and support that you will need throughout the process. 800 Zero Debt helps thousands of clients on a monthly basis by working with all creditors to leverage settlements in large numbers. All 800 Zero Debt Resolution Specialist are IAPDA (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators) certified which is the Industry-Recognized Accreditation for Debt Relief Professionals. This will insure a successful debt relief program.

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What happens to my credit?

If you are already behind on payments, or you might be shortly, your credit is already impaired- you have too much debt compared to your income. This is known as a high debt-to-income ratio. To be considered credit worthy again, you must drastically reduce or eliminate your debt, thereby reducing your debt-to-income ratio.

At 800 Zero Debt our primary goal is to help our clients get out of debt as quickly as possible and to get firmly back on their financial feet. Credit while a very important thing to have and maintain, is of secondary importance to getting your debt under control and becoming financially fit. Most people think if they have stayed current on their payments then they have good credit. In cases where the debt is more than a person can afford, then their credit has been used up and they are no longer really credit worthy in the eyes of most lenders. At the end of our program, your debt-to-income ratio will be greatly improved and you will once again be able to build really good credit.

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How do my creditors actually get paid?

Instead of your money going to your creditors each month, we will transfer the money from your personal account over to your settlement account per the schedule you create at the time of enrollment with 800 Zero Debt. Your settlement account will continue to accumulate money until you have enough funds for us to negotiate a settlement. The whole idea is that instead of paying the minimum payment or less each month and falling further and further behind, you will take the money you can afford and use it for lump sum settlements with your creditors.

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Will I still get calls from my creditor?

Yes, it is possible that your creditors will try contacting you by phone to collect a debt. If your account is in collections; collection agencies have to adhere to the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) and if they violate this Act it can work in your favor as our Attorneys can leverage these violations in the negotiations of settlements. At 800 Zero Debt we assist you with initiating Cease and Desist letters which explain your rights under the federal debt collection laws which notify them to Cease and Desist communication with you. Our team of Attorneys will be in contact with the creditors instead of you.

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Why should I not consider bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy it certainly an option however bankruptcy has an enormous affect on your credit.  Since 2005 the bankruptcy laws have drastically changed and whether it is a chapter 7 or 13, you will have to qualify. At 800 Zero Debt we give you an alternative option that is less damaging to your credit history as well a less stressful way of settling your debts.

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How long will this process take?

At 800 Zero Debt we offer many options to the length of the time it will take to be successful in the program and is unique to each client.  A free consultation with of our 800 Zero Debt specialist will clearly determine the best fit for your situation. On average it can take up to 24 to 48 months for you to become debt free!

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What are the tax consequences?

 Your creditors could report cancelled or settled debts exceeding $600 to the IRS and you are required to report the same as income on your annual tax return. However, the IRS permits you to write off any “income” from canceled debts up to the amount by which you were “insolvent” at that time. At 800 Zero Debt we help you navigate through this process by providing the proper documents for you to forward to your tax advisor.  You need to consult your own tax advisor for advice on your specific situation.

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What does 800 Zero Debt offer me that other companies don’t?

At 800 Zero Debt Our clients come first. Our core mission is helping consumers one at a time relieve the stress of being in debt by offering legal solutions to settle their debt. We immediately help the consumer lower their monthly payments saving them significant cash their families need while helping them become debt free. On the front-line are our nationwide negotiators with the power to settle the unsecured debt of our clients

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